Mar 23

Forget all you think you know about unhealthy foods

Unhealthy Foods. We all know what that is right? After all there has been plenty of advice handed out from governments, or written about my nutritionists or found on blogs, well, like this one. But as more and more research surfaces it seems we don’t know anything. I read an article on the Guardian Observers …

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Mar 16

Meditation and the Art of Running

  I’m fascinated by meditation. I try it from time to time and, frankly, I’m not very good at it. But I have spent time reading about it and today as I was taking my afternoon run/plod it dawned on me how much running and meditation have in common. Especially, like me, you are relatively …

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Feb 16

Finding my proud – Running 10k

I ran 10k today. Yes, people have run 10k before. Ran further, faster, harder than I’ve ever run. I am immensely impressed by all their achievement. But let me say this again. I ran 10k today. That’s 6.3 miles. Phew! There are reason’s this is significant and important to me. Let me explain. Over 10 …

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Jan 23

Do More. Eat Better.

There is lots of advice out there. Lots of good, honest and sound advice on how to lose weight. Then there’s the other stuff. The quick fix. The pills, the potions, the magical fruit, the incredible new diets. For me there is only one solution. This one. “DO MORE. EAT BETTER” Now at this point …

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Jan 05

Why your Resolutions are not resolute.

So here we are on the 4th January.? How many resolutions did you make? How many have you already broken? Some? All? I used to make new year resolutions. As the start of the calendar year swung in to view I’d scrawl them in a book or make a mental note that this year I …

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Jan 02

Weight Loss for happiness not for Body Shaming

Now that Christmas and New Year has been, stuffed us full of excessive calories and disappeared over the horizon the true sport of women’s magazines can truly start: BODY SHAMING Front covers of disposable weekly and monthly periodicals lambast various celebrities with close-ups of cellulite or unflattering pictures of those daring to bare imperfect flesh …

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Dec 31

New year? New Weight Loss? You wish.

Christmas and New Year was, as expected, a complete blow out. Although I have not yet braved the scales I can tell that weight has been gained despite my valiant attempts at exercise on several of the days from boxing day onwards. Of course as the excess on Christmas fades and the new year looms …

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Dec 06

My Festive Weight Gain Failure

Even if you’ve tried really hard not to notice, I think there is no escaping it now. Christmas is coming. If you work in an office there is a good chance that the office is disappearing under reams of tinsel and the facilities team are shaking their heads at the use of Christmas lights. Worse …

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Nov 27

5 things weight loss taught me about running and running about weight loss.

If you’ve been following my blog posts your recall I was following the couch to 5k NHS plan. I say was because several weeks ago I graduated from couch to 5k and am regularly running for 30 to 40 minutes of distances between 4 to 6k , two or three times a week. Wow! I’ve …

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Oct 11

Inspire yourself – Couch to 5k

I keep surprising myself. Each week I surpass my achievements from the week before. And I’m amazed. Now losing over 120lbs is impressive but nothing has compared to the elation I feel since I’ve taken up running. Lets put this into context. At the start of the summer I made a commitment to take up …

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