The Right Diet

The BBC have just started a 3 part programme to discuss if there is a right diet for you. It’s an interesting experiment using a group of overweight and obese people and, through a series of tests with leaders in nutrition and health, determining why they eat too much and gain weight. They have broken […]


Its not that you can’t, it’s you don’t – Positive mind hack for weight loss

One thing that has become clear to me as I’ve tried to hit on a formula to weight loss is this: Your brain sabotages your best efforts. Sure it’s intentions are honorable. It’s a brain still geared to times of feast and famine. It hasn’t caught up to these times of plenty in the western […]

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Admit it, it’s an addiction

My name is Paul. I’m addicted to food. Not always nourishing, beneficial,  healthy food. Food required to keep my body functioning and the day ticking over.  But food, any food, high calorie, low benefit, sugar thick and fat impregnated gluttonous blobs. It’s an addiction. It’s an issue. Reading biographies of personalities with well documented issues […]