My Festive Weight Gain Failure

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Even if you’ve tried really hard not to notice, I think there is no escaping it now.

Christmas is coming.

If you work in an office there is a good chance that the office is disappearing under reams of tinsel and the facilities team are shaking their heads at the use of Christmas lights.

Worse still, for those of us trying to shift a few pounds, theĀ  Christmas goodies have started appearing. Mince Pies and tins of chocolate

Christmas parties are beginning, meals organisedĀ  and copious amount of alcohol consumed.

Now as a weight loss blogger this is the place where I offer words of wisdom. This is where I tell you to navigate the pitfalls of excess that have come to represent this christian holiday.

Unfortunately I can’t.

My willpower over the festive period is dreadful.

If I look back at my last few Christmases and drew a graph of my weight loss and weight gain, between the distinct massive drops in weight would be little peaks, mole hills of excess, that happen every year.

Advice you normally receive from sites like this tell you to substitute one food for another, avoid this or that, not drink or say no. It’s all good, all helpful, but I know, like me, it’s not going to happen. Sorry.

So if I can’t tell you how to avoid unhealthy weight gain. What can I offer


When I mentioned above about “mole hills of excess” , I also talked about “massive drops in weight”. After every Christmas passed I refocused. Not necessarily with full commitment, not always straight away but refocus I did and the weight began to slip away once more.


If you are absolutely determined that you no longer want to carry excessive weight then you will make the right choices.

Now it isn’t easy. Once you get a taste for excessive, inappropriate food, its easy to let it slip and continue to eat that way.

I have another tool this year. My running, which I will stick with and hopefully help burn a few extra pounds.

However, a word of warning; It is almost like starting again, except this time you will have the tools and know what is achievable. But if you can have something to focus on it will help to pull you through.

Me? I have a 10k in May. I need to be fit and healthy for that!

Finally, if you can navigate the pitfalls of the festive periods I salute you. If not, don’t let faze you, don’t let it get you down. You can start over and achieve more.

Many Happy Returns of the Season.



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2 thoughts on “My Festive Weight Gain Failure

  1. Glad to read a sensible point of view Paul!

    If I don’t watch what I’m eating, my weight goes up simple as that. I cycle, but this year have not done a great deal other than the daily commute so other than keeping my ticker ticking over and my legs turning, it hasn’t make any discernable difference to my weight.

    When I first took up cycling I lost about 2.5 stone, which has in the main stayed off. It’s only at times like this that it creeps on a bit, and I let it!

    I don’t worry about it though, as I know that after the festive season it’s much easier to refocus and push yourself back into a healthier mode. Especially as everyone around you seems to be doing the same!

    • Thanks Andy. One thing I’ve learned this year that although I haven’t been calorie counting as much as I did over previous years, weight has stayed pretty much static. This has simply because I have been running 3 times a week.

      Now fairly confident in the new year when I stick a better program of eating and exercise I will lose a little more weight.

      You do need to indulge yourself a little else life can become repetitive and dull. And what better time to do it than at Christmas! Cheers! hic!

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