Apparently I have ran 50k

Inspire yourself – Couch to 5k

Apparently I have ran 50k

In the last 30 days I have walked/ran (mainly ran) 50k. Wow!

I keep surprising myself.

Each week I surpass my achievements from the week before.

And I’m amazed.

Now losing over 120lbs is impressive but nothing has compared to the elation I feel since I’ve taken up running.

Lets put this into context.

At the start of the summer I made a commitment to take up running. Unfortunately in quick succession I managed to pull my hamstring then damage my Achilles.

But unlike the previous me. The fatter me, the quitter me, I stayed determined to get back into running once my afflictions healed.

Just over six weeks ago with ankle feeling better, but not fully recovered, I returned to the couch to 5K plan. Rapidly repetitions of sixty seconds running became repetitions of ninety, ninety  became three minutes, three became five. I kept pushing on.

Every new distance felt harder and I considered repeating weeks but a friend advised keep going until you hit a distance you can’t complete.

Soon five became eight, eight became ten and suddenly I was expected to run for 20 minutes without stopping.

Of course I headed out thinking it was unfeasible. Such a jump when a few weeks before I was struggling to run for eight repetitions of sixty seconds.

But I completed it. Step followed step. Legs aches, lungs burned, ankles hurt…but I kept going.

I was elated and emotional.

Me, who just a few years ago weighed 25 stone, was now running for 20 minutes.

Since then I have run for 25 minutes.

Next week its 28.

Soon after it will be 30, then 35.

I know now I can make them all.

Two weeks a go I finally understood that anything is possible. For possibly the first time in my life I believed in me.

I’m awesome.

And you are too.

Now go out there and own it!



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