New year? New Weight Loss? You wish.

2013..as year goes. It wasn't bad. via cloning...Christmas and New Year was, as expected, a complete blow out.

Although I have not yet braved the scales I can tell that weight has been gained despite my valiant attempts at exercise on several of the days from boxing day onwards.

Of course as the excess on Christmas fades and the new year looms you’ll start making promises:

  • You’ll start a new diet.
  • You’ll Join a gym.
  • You’ll give up alcohol.

Of course, what we do is:

  • Take on diets which are unsustainable in the long-term.
  • Try exercise routines that push us too far, too soon and lead us to fatigue or injury.
  • Forgo all they things we enjoy and feel miserable.

We want results quickly and this is where mistakes are made.

So, stop. take a step back and look at making moderate changes and you’ll have better long-term results.

I will getting back to sensible ways again in the new year. Returning to good sustainable eating habits. Running regularly. Ensuring Calories expended, are greater than calories in.

If you are fed up with being overweight then you need to make real change, take your time and achieve your aims. Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint.

This year, you can make it happen.

Happy New Year. Have a fabulous 2014.

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